Everyone Everywhere
Everyone Everywhere

Pressing Information

Everyone Everywhere LP1:
250 Commemorative Edition Gold Vinyl
500 Maroon and White Stripe Vinyl

Everyone Everywhere LP2:
250 Commemorative Edition Gold Vinyl
500 Green and Orange Stripe Vinyl

Everyone Everywhere LP3:
125 Cloudy Clear Vinyl
400 White Vinyl

Release Information

To commemorate the approximate 10 year anniversary of both eponymous Everyone Everywhere LPs (released 11 years ago & 9 years ago so we are taking the average) and the official RIAA certification of the sale of 1,000,000 copies of their landmark sophomore album “Everyone Everywhere” as well as the sale of almost 1,000,000 copies of their landmark debut album “Everyone Everywhere,” the band Everyone Everywhere presents these stunning commemorative reissues of two of the greatest rock and roll albums ever recorded. In addition to beautiful gold vinyl commemorative editions of these two extremely important LPs, the band has repressed each record in their original format in very stylish two-tone vinyl color schemes.

The band has also put together a third LP, collecting the songs from their long out-of-print first CD EP “Pants” and follow up 7-inch “A Lot of Weird People Standing Around.” This collection is offered on white and clear vinyl and shall henceforth be canonically referred to as “The White Album.”

At long last you have the opportunity to own a piece of rock and roll history, spectacular high fidelity vinyl records from your favorite band of all time, Everyone Everywhere.

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