Great Cynics

Pressing Information

100 Cherry Cola w/ Beer Splatter (Lame-O Exclusive
150 Aqua Marine w/ Cream & Blue Sky Splatter (Specialist Subject Exclusive)
150 Beer w/ Cream & Brown Splatter (Guerilla Asso Exclusive)
600 - Beer

Release Information

‘POSI’ is an album that tells wistful tales of skateboarding and drinking Tyskie with mates. It’s a narrative on a string of everyday activities that many a Londoner can identify with, as well as having an attitude at its core that anyone and everyone can get behind. The rousing ‘Only In Memories’ was the first track released from the record and the band premiered it via a live stream on their Facebook, which saw them perform the track no less than 50 times in a row. Without a break.

‘POSI’ was recorded in a warehouse in Philadelphia over one week. The lead up to their time spent in the studio was in stark contrast to the recording itself, as Vocalist and guitarist Giles Bidder explains “we rehearsed in our friend's basement in South Philly and went to shows every night, just generally had a nice time spending money on food and beers. The actual recording process really took it out of me - this is a really emotional record and it physically hurt singing some of the parts. I got ill as soon as we finished tracking, and that's the only thing I can put it down to. We gave ourselves to this record.”

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