Johnny Foreigner
You Can Do Better LP

Release Information

Johnny Foreigner's 2014 LP - You Can Do Better available on vinyl in the USA for the FIRST TIME EVER!

Available on Cherry Red Vinyl (400) and Clear Vinyl (100). First pressing sold out really quickly in the UK, so hop on it ASAP if you want it. And if you think you don't want it, you probably want it. And it comes with an immediate digital download!

"Johnny Foreigner's You Can Do Better is by FAR my favorite record of the year" - John Kerry

With their own unique class of speedy indie pop, Johnny Foreigner has spent their almost decade long existence cultivating fans across the world. Finding the perfect balance between intricate technique and reckless abandon, the band seems to move too quickly to be defined. Elements of emo, indie and math rock bleed into their songs with quick, intricate guitar lines and shouting dual vocals. A strong affiliation with the UK indie scene has grown through their connection with bands like Los Campesinos, who took Johnny Foreigner on their first US tour, though the band also boasts of a strong influence from the Chicago punk and emo scene. Both sides are strongly represented on You Can Do Better, a record that's sure to take off amongst fans of both genres.

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