Three Man Cannon
Pretty Many People

Release Information

Three Man Cannon's debut full-length and Lame-O Records Release!

1. Simple, Your Room
2. Moving Onto Martha St.
3. Something I Found
4. To Sleep
5. Side by Side
6. Patiently
7. Laguzzi Smokes
8. Bleed
9. DC Funeral
10. Baby
11. Window

300 Black Vinyl/150 Cream Vinyl/50 Cream/Black Marble

Mixing their old proclivity toward catchy punk-influenced indie rock with a new darker, heavier sound, Pretty Many People creates a new vibe for Three Man Cannon, bringing the K Records era of indie rock into the Philadelphia punk scene. It's a record for basement punks and 90s snobs who want to dance while contemplating their own finite existence. A record both unifying and thought provoking, Pretty Many People borrows the best parts of indie and punk rock, making an immediate mark, delivering a unique sound you never knew you needed to hear.

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