Johnny Foreigner

Johnny Foreigner has earned its sizable fan base on the other side of the pond. Fitting in equally with emo, indie pop and math rock crowds, Johnny Foreigner crafted a sound that moves too quickly to be defined. The band released its fifth full length You Can Do Better in the UK this past March on Alcopop! Records. A peak in an almost decade long carer, the record finds the perfect balance between technique and reckless abandon. Quick, intricate guitar lines and dual vocals fly overtop sprinting drums that drive listeners wherever the band wants to take them.

With its own chaotic class of speedy indie music, Johnny Foreigner has found its way into the hearts of its hometown and international audiences alike. The band members quickly gained a reputation as proud road warriors, taking off on tours ranging from a headliner in Japan to slots opening for Los Campesinos in the UK and US to a recently announced second run in South Africa. Equipped with a truly unique sound, killer work ethic and wicked sense of humor, Johnny Foreigner has a knack for charming the audiences all over the world. With this Lame-O Records partnership, the band has set their sights on the United States. Get ready to be charmed.

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