Golden Apples

Russell Edling of Cherry would like to announce a moniker change to Golden Apples, and in doing so invite you to his new album “Shadowland”. Taking cues from mid 2000s golden era indie rock and adding the inevitable realism that comes with being in your 30s, “Shadowland” is a record infused with the warmth and charm of the home where it was recorded, as well as the sense of anxiety and isolation that comes from staying there. It is a whimsical and at times resigned look at what it means to be a reflection, a shadow, something created by the shine of something else. “Shadowland” embraces its imperfections to create an intimate and defined shape, all the more precious for its decision to not to shine. It doesn’t ask you to go blurry-eyed staring at the sun. Instead it invites you to find understanding in the shapes left by the sun's absence.

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