Label History

Lame-O Records was founded in 2012 by Eric Osman, friend and eventual manager of the band Modern Baseball, to release the band’s debut LP ‘Sports.' Osman funded the 300-copy first pressing with savings earned working at coffee shops. The label wasn’t intended to continue beyond that first release, but Osman decided to take the success of Sports and roll with it, beginning to document the burgeoning Philadelphia-area indie and punk scene by signing bands like Ma Jolie, Steady Hands, the Superweaks and Three Man Cannon. In 2014 Osman teamed with friend Emily Hakes prior to the release of the Hundred Acre Woods’ ‘Cold In The Morning' 7” and expanded the label to include more sonically and geographically diverse bands. Today the label continues in the tradition of Flying Nun and Stiff Records, curating releases with an affinity for quirky new wave, power pop and punk while remaining firmly committed to Lame-O’s Philly roots. Today the Lame-O roster includes Thin Lips, Hurry, Slaughter Beach, Dog, Loose Tooth, The Obsessives, Shannen Moser and a million more.